How to Build a Consistent Prayer Life

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2. Organize Your Time

Building a consistent prayer life is going to require some intentionality and planning on your end. While you should talk to God all day long as you go about your day, setting aside some time to go into the secret place with him is going to require you to plan. If you wing it, life will at some point or another keep you too busy to pray. A part of making the decision to pray consistently is also planning the time.

In one season, you may be able to wake up early to pray before you begin your day.

However, in the next season, due to your schedule, it may be better to set that time in the evening. It’s okay to adjust as your season changes, but you must have a set time when you know that this is your dedicated time with God and can shut down everything else. This is how you can keep yourself disciplined.

However, pray as often as you can, whenever and wherever you can.

If you can pray morning and night, pray.

If you can pray for a few hours, pray. If you can dedicate half the day (or sometimes a full day), pray. Your time is a gift from God, and he is worthy of your time. 

The more you are prayed up, the more you will increase spiritually. This honestly will not become difficult to do as you grow because you will fall so deeply in love with your time with God. It will be all that you desire to do at times, and that is the beauty of building such an intimate relationship with him.