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Declutter My Life: Prioritize Your Goals & Gain Mental ClaritySample

Declutter My Life: Prioritize Your Goals & Gain Mental Clarity

DAY 1 OF 3

God Has a Plan

Jeremiah 29:11

Are you familiar with this popular passage?

You might have a mug, journal, or pretty desk stationary with the inscription from Jeremiah on it. Here is why it is so powerful. God utters these words as a part of a more significant prophecy starting at the beginning of chapter 29 (feel free to read for context). The children of Israel are being held captive, and as they cry out to God about their situation and any word on how long they will be there, God answers. 

God does not answer with a word we'd all love to hear when we are in a difficult place, but to sum it up, they will be there for a long while—decades to be exact. And it's on the tail end of this difficult-to-hear response; God echoes these famous words: "I know the PLANS I have for you."

So why do we plan and then pray? 

In my time with God, He whispered this firm yet loving admonishment, "stop planning." He didn't stop there. "Stop planning and then laying your plans before Me. Lay your plans before me and THEN plan."

So simplistic, but it floored me. God has an ultimate plan we can trust. Before your next meeting or creating another to-do list, I invite you to pause and pray for His will and the way to be revealed.

The Purpose-filled Planner's Prayer:

Dear God,

At times I tend to run ahead of you. Today, I pause, and instead of bringing you my plans, I bring you, me. Align my heart and my plans with yours as I surrender my good intentions for your greatest good.


The Purpose-filled Planner's Challenge:

Do you have too much on your plate?  Review your plans for the upcoming week. Remove or defer a task that seemed like the grown-up thing to do (laundry, wash the car, etc.) but really could be done at a less busy time. Replace it with a scheduled time to pray and listen about the week to come.  Note any changes to the feel of your new week as we declutter our way to clarity.

Day 2

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