He Said, She Said, He Says

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Relationships take work.

There are right ways to go about them, wrong ways to go about them.

He said, she said, but what does God say?

Growing and maintaining a relationship requires you to water it, and for a relationship to be fruitful, it must be planted in the firm, healthy soil. That foundation starts with a relationship with God. 

God provides us with the wisdom and understanding necessary to get through even the most difficult struggles within a relationship.

It is said that financial struggles are the number one reason why couples consider divorce, and it is the number one reason for arguments.

We all have to deal with money. While I certainly don’t have all the answers, I do have a testimony in my life on finances.

It wasn’t because of my pedigree.

It wasn’t because of the side of the tracks that I was born on.

It wasn’t because of a college education.

And none of my family is in the banking industry.

The fact is that I have learned about finances through the grace of God and through the wrong decisions that I made with finances early on in my life.

Putting God first in your finances will make them much more manageable, which in turn, will make your relationship much more manageable.

The first thing you need to do is identify what God views as success and what He doesn’t.

Jesus said that life does not consist of an abundance of possessions. Life isn’t about having everything you want, but about being grateful for that which you have. The definition of success in the eyes of God often differs from what we as people have defined success to be.

It isn’t the giant mansion sitting along the water.

It isn’t a brand new sports car.

It is the ability to take care of your family and to bless other families with the blessings that God has provided you with.

This is why the mansion isn’t enough. This is why the sports car always gets traded in for the newer model. It won’t bring the happiness that you seek. It won’t bring you the fulfilling feeling that you are looking for.

It has to be something greater!