Stability In A Fragile World: Achieving Peace Through Faith In Christ

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"You Are a Solid Rock"

Life is hard for all of us. For some, it’s harder than for others. For most, life is hard in seasons. You may be experiencing a tough season right now as you carry a big burden – a financial burden, a health burden, a relational burden, a spiritual burden.

Other times, things may be going great in our lives, yet we feel unstable, empty, alone, lonely, broken.

In the midst of all of these trials that are the suffering of life, God is faithful to carry us through. No suffering in the kingdom of God lasts forever. I’ve never known a storm to be endless or somebody who trusts in God not to have ultimate victory over difficulties. And that is what you’re going to have today – victory through stability.

In Jesus’ name, you are a solid rock. You are a strong tree. You are filled with the very person and spirit of Jesus Christ. And you are given the authority to overcome every burden and break every chain. And, through God’s strength, you will help others do the same.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for the strength to overcome the hardships in life. As I humble myself and cast all my burdens on you, help me to help others who are suffering as well. Amen.