Finding Happiness in Christ (Series 2)

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Faith and Happiness 

The work of righteousness will be peace and the effect of righteousness, quietness, and assurance forever. (Isaiah 32:17)

In his devotional on January 15, 2013, David Jeremiah observed, “According to an article in the Journal of Religion and Health, people who regularly attend church are those who are 56% more likely to have an optimistic outlook on life and 27% less likely to sink into depression. This study is based on a sample drawn from nearly 100,000 women partially funded by the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

Imagine it! The US government-financed research shows that churchgoers are happier, more optimistic, and less depressed than people who don't go to church. We can tell them without spending a dime. Joy is the instantaneous response of a heart filled with God's blessings.

God has many attributes: love, justice, omnipresence, and many more –but among His qualities is eternal joy. The Lord is a God who rejoices. When we think of His miracles and grow to be like Him, our lives will become more optimistic when we say, “Behold, He is our Lord. Let us be happy and rejoice in His salvation.”

Reflection: One of the great gifts that Lord Jesus gave to us as His children is the guarantee of His presence and help at all times. Because He is a God of love, He is also a God who cares even down to every detail of our lives. Thus, the more we come to seek Him, the more His calm will overshadow our life journey. 

God gives you good things to show the world that you are someone who enjoys God’s blessings but is still obsessed with the Lord.