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Reigning in RoyaltySample

Reigning in Royalty

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Royal Priesthood 

We are called to royalty. But it is royalty from God’s perspective. Priests are those who minister to God and to man. A royal priesthood is made up of those who use their place of favor before God to help and assist people.

Anyone who thinks reigning in life means ruling over people just needs to picture the King of all kings washing the disciples’ feet. Here we see the highest One doing the lowest deed. The point is, we are to use whatever means God has given us to benefit others. All positions of rule need to be embraced with humility. 

Our power is for others. But there are times when it is also with great firmness. This is when our responsibility is to bring protection. I remember once when my son Eric was small, he was outside playing in our yard. A strange man made his way onto our property, accompanied by a mutual friend. From the man’s crazed behavior, I immediately sensed that he was under heavy demonic influence. He displayed some aggressive behavior toward Eric, which I intercepted immediately. Obviously, my first responsibility was the protection of my son. I positioned myself between Eric and this man in case anything would go haywire. There was no timidity on my part. Neither was there any need to appear humble. My role of ruling, in this case, was to protect. 

We must remember in life that we are to take our positions of rule out of our God-given responsibility and make sure it is not for position or title but is for the benefit of others. This can and must be done with kindness wherever possible—even toward the demonized man. It was.

To serve with the heart of a king automatically implies vast resources and noble intentions. This is the joy of serving in the kingdom of God. We do so with the unlimited resources of the King of all kings. Carrying this into our place of service brings great joy and honor to those being served. You never want to make others feel your act of service is wearisome. The heart of a king, the place of rich identity in God, will help keep us from that error.

Every assignment in life is an invitation to excellence, creativity, and integrity. These are the hallmarks of achievement for the believer; they truly express the wisdom of God. The external parts of life are only window dressing. To live wisely is to reign in life.

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Reigning in Royalty

In this 3-day devotional by Bill Johnson, you will discover the unique, royal reign that God has given His children. You will grow in wisdom and understand the eternal destiny God has designed for you to walk beside the ...


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