Moses: A Man of Conviction

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Moses knew the eternal reward that awaited him in the hands of the one, true God would be much more meaningful than anything he might experience on this earth. He understood what truly mattered, which is why he made the choice he did. He picked a side.

The reward of God is greater than the treasures of man. But unless you believe that you won’t make the wise decision like Moses did, you’ll wind up hanging out with the world rather than giving yourself fully to God. 

Even if you may be shaky in your faith right now or timid in times of confusion and doubt, God can raise you up and strengthen you to complete great works for Him. You may identify with Moses in his impulsivity during his younger years—or maybe with him in his insecurity in his older years. Whatever the case, Moses gives all of us an example of what it means to be redeemed from the frailties of our flesh and used by the power of God working in us. His story ought to inspire all of us to dream big as to what God can and will do through us for others.

There really is no end in sight if we commit ourselves to God’s kingdom plan and seek to serve Him as kingdom heroes.

What positions us to receive our eternal award?

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