Grit & Grace: 1 & 2 Peter + 1, 2 & 3 John


First Peter emphasizes the role of the apostles as chosen by God to share the gospel. Their persecution can be seen as a gift because it offers the chance to show others the generosity and love of Jesus, which is fueled by hope in His return and victory over evil. Peter is hopeful that their imitation of Jesus and demonstration of His upside-down Kingdom will give power to their words as they bear witness to God's mercy and show people the beautiful truth about Jesus.

Peter’s message of encouragement in the face of suffering continues to speak to us today. 1 Peter reminds us of our heavenly hope and eternal inheritance. We are called to a life of love and holiness, glorifying God and imitating Christ in our daily lives.

Why not grab a few friends or your Life Group and read this together?

To learn some of the contexts of 1 Peter, watch this short video by The Bible Project below. It will help to give you a deeper understanding of this book of the Bible.