I'm Not Okay, but I Want to Be

Day 5 of 5 • This day’s reading


It’s okay to not be okay, but we cannot stay that way. If we don’t learn and grow in a true relationship with God while going through our trials, then we will live without hope and the enemy will win. Would we prefer a comfortable, content, trial-free life? Of course! We’re human. 

When we still persevere in what the Lord has called us to do despite our trials, we develop confidence and habits that change the way we think about our struggles. We want to sprint through life instead of treating it like the marathon that it is. We want whatever we want now, and if now takes too long to get here, we may look for another route to get to what we want instead of waiting for God’s direction. If I’m going to run a marathon, I’m not going to make it very far if I bust out into a full sprint from the start on the day of the race! However, if I pace myself, I’ll do much better. My training would begin months before the race day with conditioning, practicing, and learning how to keep running even when my legs feel like they can’t make another stride forward. Training may not feel great, but the preparation would increase my chances of successfully completing the marathon on race day. When we are not okay but want to be, we have to push ourselves to work through challenges, even when they are hard, knowing that God’s got us.       

Wanting to be okay when we are not okay is a testament of our hope in Jesus Christ. God has assured us that our trials will not overtake us. Our trials are an opportunity for us to grow spiritually. They are an opportunity to strengthen our dependence on Him. Trials put God’s power on display, and they give us the honor of introducing others to Christ’s character as it is being formed within each of us. What a humbling thought knowing that God is working in us and through us.  

When we find ourselves going down the familiar path of hopelessness, it’s imperative that we intentionally choose a different and better path. As we roll up our sleeves, put our mind in action, stay disciplined, and accept the Lord’s grace, our prayer is that others would conclude that they need God, too. God alone is our source of strength. He is our Provider, and He is our Protector. My prayer for each of us is that God will supply us with grit and grace to walk confidently through our trials. Even though life may be hard, He is ALWAYS good. And that makes us okay.