Faith Over Everything

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What Do You Have?

Many people think that having faith looks like having big dreams and trusting that God will do the miraculous to make those dreams come true. God can do the miraculous, and He is more than ready to pour out blessings on His children, but we sometimes get it mixed up. God is not partnering with us to make our dreams come true; we’re partnering with God in His incredible plan for us!

Do you know God has created you for a very unique and specific work? He had this work in mind as He created you, as He gifted you with talents, abilities, and personality, and as He placed you in your family, in your community, and in your workplace. Many of us come to the table with some idea of what we think we’d like to do, based on what we enjoy, what we think we’re good at, or what seems easy, but we forget to look at where God has placed us and what He’s given us.

Who you are, where you are, and what you have is not an accident. You’re perfectly equipped and perfectly placed to carry out the plans God has for you. But if you’re looking around, expecting for something to fall from the sky, you might try looking to the ground. Where have the seeds been planted? Genesis 2:8 tells us that God placed Adam in the garden He had planted. This means that Adam, who was created to tend to the garden, wasn’t necessarily tending to a fully grown and thriving garden; He was there to help it grow and thrive.

What if the big dream doesn’t start with you or what you want? What if it starts with seeing what you have as an opportunity?

Rather than bringing God your dreams for Him to bless, consider what He has been planting around you. Maybe it’s a person or an organization. How might you be perfectly positioned to use your gifts and talents to help it grow and thrive?