Bricklayers 5

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God always hears when the oppressed cry out. He could simply speak and fulfill their needs. But He often chooses to work through ordinary people.

Why? Because that’s one way we begin to look like Jesus. God chooses to use those who love Him to share that love with the world. He asks us to serve those around us who need help. He asks us to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves. He asks us to take what He’s given us and use it to bless others in His name. It’s never for our glory or honor, but all for His.

What is your reaction when you hear an outcry? Do you assume it’s someone else’s responsibility to respond? Do you think the problem is too large to even have a solution? Do you simply close your ears and ignore it? How can we take the lessons found in Nehemiah 5 and apply them to the outcries of society today?