A New Heart

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The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart.

Why is your heart so important? 

The heart, according to the Bible, is the real you. It is more than just your thoughts. It is who you are deep inside. Everything you are and do proceeds from your heart. Out of the heart come the issues of life. Your perspectives,  emotions, inclinations, motivations, and decisions, – all come out of the heart. Your heart also sets the trajectory of your life. It can take you towards or away from God. Without our hearts in the right condition, we can never enjoy a true relationship with God. 

But, none of us can fully understand our own hearts. We all have blind spots, some of which others can see and all of which God can see. We often get so busy with the routines of every day that we rarely have time for a heart check-up to see if our hearts are right before God. 

How do I check my heart and what do I look for?

The psalmist invited God to search his heart because he knew he couldn’t do it himself. With God, we can feel safe enough to fully open our hearts and examine our motives and intents knowing that He loves us and wants to lead us on the right path. 

What are some things that God is searching for in our hearts?

He’s looking for whether our heart is wounded or whole. Is it soft or hard? Is it proud or humble? Is it totally devoted to God or is it divided between God and the world? Is it following after the things of God or its own desires? 

Whatever the state of our hearts, God has promised to give us a new, clean and soft heart if we will look to Him! 

Prayer: Lord, please search my heart today. Show me the areas that are not pleasing to you and help me to walk with a clean heart.