Growing As A Mentor

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“Initiating The Relationship” 

Mentor’s Perspective:

We all need mentors. People that will listen, encourage and pour into us. Sadly, most of us never get to experience this type of relationship. Some don’t know how to ask, others fear rejection and some don’t even know it’s available. That’s where you come in! You can be that person for someone. Now, you're probably thinking, “It’s awkward to approach someone,” or “They don’t need a mentor, they have it all together.”

First, let me tell you, you’re not alone! We all feel awkward when we start mentoring. I have mentored over 2 dozen women and I still feel nervous when I ask someone if they want to be mentored. Second, nobody has it all together! Everyone needs a mentor. Here’s what I would encourage you to do…start looking at the people that are in your life. Often, God directs you to someone that you connect with in everyday life, have similar passions to, is going through a situation that you have been through, or simply feel drawn to.

As you push your fear aside, you will be amazed at how God directs and supports you. So, take the plunge and go ask someone if they want to have coffee!

Mentee’s Perspective:

How amazing would it be if someone said they cared about you, believed in you, and wanted to pour into you if you were willing? Totally awesome! That’s exactly how it was when my mentor asked to mentor me.

It was a random Monday when she approached and asked if I had anyone pouring into my life currently. She said God had laid me on her heart and she would love to mentor me, however I would like, once a month for six months. Now, she did not know this, but I was about to get engaged. Her ask came at the perfect timing! Mentors-to-be, you never know until you ask what your ask might mean to someone, and what their answer might be.

Just do it. Initiate the relationship. It’s hard to say no when such a beautiful, rare invitation for a life-giving relationsip is standing at your feet!