Joy and Strength: Devotions for Grief and Loss

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Held by Love

When you buckle under the weight of your sadness, God, your comforter, is there to lift you up. He is supporting you as your legs give way under the heavy load of grief that you bear. If you remember only one thing today, let it be this: the Lord is near.

He will not let you waste away in your distress. He is your present help. He is your shield, your strength, and your defender. He is your rescuer. Even if you cannot sense him, know that he is with you. You cannot escape the grip of his mercy. You are held by love.

Lord, I need to know your nearness. I am desperate for your help, for relief. Spirit, cover me with your peace today. I cannot go on without you. Hold me close in comfort so I can hear the heartbeat of your love over me. I trust that you are here with me.