Give It to God and Go To Bed


Sleep Is The Mattress Of Dreams

Many people bring sleep-disturbing distractions to bed with them every night in the form of stress, work and worry. These are what I call the three main thieves that steal your sleep, your dreams and your health. At some point after the sun goes down each day, you’ll have to make the choice to give it all to God and go to bed. The alternative is that your troubles do jumping jacks in front of you and keep you up too late, either eating in the kitchen, vegging out on the living room sofa or slaving away in your home office.

Those other rooms and the activities you do in them distract you from making your way down the hall to the bedroom, where you rest and sleep, and where prophetic directional dreams from God await you. It’s vital for you to learn how to decompress nightly so your sleep can be sweet, your peace can be full and your health can be protected.

One thing I’ve learned from my own experience with sleep deprivation is that if you don’t go to bed and sleep, your organs will go to sleep for you. Trust me, you don’t ever want to experience that scenario the way I did when I suffered adrenal burnout. The key to good physical health is not just diet and exercise; it’s diet, exercise and sleep. And as I now believe and will never tire of saying, sleep doctors could put all the other doctors out of business, because once you fix your sleep, you fix your whole health!

Your bedroom is the room where you should spend one-third of your day—one-third of your life—resting. But sometimes we treat our bedrooms like a pit stop where we plunk down and lie unconsciously for a few hours after a hard day. But look around you. Your bedroom should be a treasured place full of items that make you smile and bring you peace. It should be much more than a pit stop for you, your bills and your dirty laundry. It should be a place of inspiration, a sanctuary where the cares of your day melt away. A place where you can sleep so that God can communicate with you through your dreams, which can change your life. That is what happens when you give it all to God and go to bed!