5 Honest Prayers for Overwhelmed Parents

Day 1 of 5 • This day’s reading


When we pray, we are transformed. 

We don’t pray to a genie in a bottle but to a God who loves so extravagantly that He entered our reality and left the very presence of God to dwell inside us. God hears the rhythms of our hearts before we ever put words to them.

God isn’t just present in the quiet mornings before the kids wake up or in the late nights on our knees. God is here among us, beyond all time and in all time. 

Across cultures and generations, people have sought answers about how to interact with God. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the expectations and demands of parenthood—if you’re feeling like you want to pray but just don’t know where to begin—you’re in the right place.

God requires no magic words.

God just wants you.

These Prayers Are Yours

Throughout these five days, you’ll find breath prayers inspired by Scripture.

I’ve found these meditations helpful to me as I go through the day. Whether I’m scrolling Twitter, loading the dishwasher, tackling a work project, or playing LEGOs with my kids, these are simple prayers to memorize.

Simply pray the inhale words as you breathe in, and pray the exhale as you let your breath go.

These simple meditations help root us in our bodies and souls, hearts and minds. They reset us to the Spirit of God, who is with us always, even we are overwhelmed and apt to forget that sacred truth.

Keep Going

May these five days guide you toward God’s truth even as you’re inundated with the demands of parenthood. The breath prayer below comes from Romans 8:26, which tells us the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness.

Breath Prayer

INHALE: You are with me.

EXHALE: Even when there are no words.