Relationships According to the Book of Ruth


DAY 1: Men and Women are Equal.

In the book of Ruth, it is made clear that God cares for the woman as much as He does for the man. The book revolves around two women, Ruth and Naomi, who lost their husbands. They choose to stick together and weather the storm in search of a new life. God sends them on a journey to find their kinsman-redeemer, in the form of a man named Boaz, who would redeem their family and marry Ruth.

Ruth wasn’t a Jew, she came from a different nation and culture. She also spoke a foreign language, but God didn’t look at those things as parameters as determining factors, to whether He can use her in the redemption story or not. It did not change His love for her. God does not discriminate and wants His people to have the same viewpoints and understanding. 

We read many stories in the Bible that feature men, but only a few that highlight women. So when we read books like Ruth, there is something profound, and significant that God wants to show us about the powerful role women play in the redemption story.