Bricklayers 3

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The crew was ready. Months of planning, praying and preparation resulted in a posture of readiness. Nehemiah and the Jews were ready to build. They were ready to protect their city. They were ready to rally together, return to their roots and serve God with a renewed authenticity and transparency. We see Nehemiah hold each bricklayer accountable for their work. Each man was given a different section of the wall to repair. Nehemiah gave each family the responsibility for their part in the rebuilding process.

Are you ready to build? Do you feel a responsibility to rebuild the walls of the local church? Most church physical buildings are in great shape. But there are many walls that keep people from entering into relationship with Jesus and into relationship with the local church. Considering rebuilding by volunteering, rebuilding by leading a group, giving financially, or becoming the hands and feet outside of the church building. What do you feel responsible to repair or rebuild?