I Hear His Whisper: Encounter God’s Heart for You

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Do not surrender your peace.

Remember who you are! Remember the lessons I’ve taught you. Don’t surrender your peace to the enemy. Don’t sit back and wonder at the way he’s bombarding you mentally. You have determined to give yourself fully to me. My name is the name that stands above every other name. Stand in the authority you have in my name and tell the heaviness to flee!

It is by my Spirit, not by human might or power, that you will see the breakthrough you are searching for. You cannot force it by natural effort, nor do you have to behave perfectly to deserve my help. You cannot earn it. It is my gift to you, because your heart is toward me, and because I am your Father and you are my child. Faith in my Word, my truth, my love, and my power is all you need. My love is so powerful, death could not defeat it. The grave could not bury my glory. This is the glory that is within you. This is the power that courses through your veins. This is the certainty that gives you peace.