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Bricklayers 1

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Nehemiah was 800 miles away from Jerusalem, living in a palace in Persia. Although his head was in Persia, his heart was in Jerusalem. “How are the Jewish people doing in Jerusalem,” he would ask. “How are the people? How is the city?” He knew his people were in distress. He knew the city was still in rubble. The news he received was heartbreaking. The wall is broken down. The gates were burned with fire. 

Nehemiah had a burden for the people of God and Jerusalem. Sleepless nights. Moments of weeping and frustration for his people. But he didn’t run into the problem in his own strength. He slowed down. He stopped. And he turned to God through prayer.

When you see a problem, do you run to it and try to fix it? When you have a burden for someone or something, do you start with talking with Jesus? Many times, we react when we see a problem. Nehemiah reached out to God.

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Bricklayers 1

After 70 years of exile, the Jewish people return to Israel to build back what was torn down. How does he rebuild it? How did he recruit, train, and empower the Jewish people?

We would like to thank Stonecreek Church for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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