All That's Required

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All That's Required

The life of Jesus up until this account of his baptism had been spent in a small, largely unknown town called Nazareth. He worked as a carpenter, was part of a family, and was viewed by the local community as the son of Joseph. Yet, at the beginning of His ministry, he leaves and goes to Jerusalem where he finds John baptizing people for the forgiveness of their sins. 

The timing of baptism for every believer can be different. Some take days whilst others months and some years before making this important decision. Jesus's first action was to be baptized! Before miracles, healings, or teaching the people He takes the time to perform this symbolic and important act.

In the Bible account, John is a little confused as to why Jesus has come to be baptized.  He asks him if Jesus has his priorities right ... 'you should be baptizing me' John states.  Here we see Jesus bringing clarity; 'let it be done for we must carry out all that God requires.  Jesus is setting the example for us as our role model. 

Baptism isn't about duty but rather devotion. Our highest motive for doing anything is because God has asked us. Baptism shouldn't reflect a having to but rather a wanting to. 

Take a moment right now to think about why you're considering being baptized.  Is it because you feel pressured to comply, or because you feel a need to deepen your relationship and connection with God? 

Perhaps like Jesus you want it to signify a change in purpose and position as you step into the plan that God has for your life. 

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Take moment to Pray!

Pray that God would speak to your heart about baptism.  Pray that you would know as Jesus did the need for this symbolic act which connects us in a deeper way in our relationship to Christ.