Walking With Jesus (Faith)

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Paul said that the unity of Christians in the face of persecution would be a sign to believers and unbelievers (Phil. 1:28). During the persecution period in the early AD, Christians used the fish symbol to signify one another. Fish is considered a symbol of Christ and His call to His followers to be the fishers of men.

Each letter of the Greek word FISH (ICTHUS) represents a Christian belief: “I” is the Greek letter for Jesus; “X” for Christ; “TH” for God; “U” for Child; and “S” for the Savior. The word ICTHUS can be read as “JESUS Christ, Son of God, Savior" 

It is true that regardless of persecution, the early believers remained steadfast in their confession of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Savior. This is the steadfastness of faith that comes from the Gospel. This is the faith that can't even be shaken by the enemy. This is true faith. 

True faith does not suddenly arise nor happen. To be strong to face anything, our lives must conform to the Gospel of Christ. Our life should be the same and in harmony with our confession. Incompatibility proves that our faith is not true faith. That is the kind of faith that will quickly crash in the face of the harsh blows of life's waves and faith that will not last long in the face of persecution.

This harsh world demands us to have strong faith in the lordship of Jesus. Our acknowledgment that Jesus is Lord and Savior needs to continue coloring our attitudes, thoughts, behaviors, and daily actions. This way, we can build faith that is resilient to all situations.


1. How is your confession of Christ?

2. How does your confession of Christ affect you in your daily attitude?


Color the days of your life with the Gospel of Christ.