Increase Your Bloom Ability

Increase Your Bloom Ability

DAY 4 OF 5

Live in Him

Rarely does the Lord criticize us for being too aggressive in matters of faith. When does Scripture find God telling His people to stop trusting Him for so much? Where does He declare Himself unable?

Instead, God questions His people about how long they plan to meander in the desert rather than take possession of the good land they have been given.

No. It’s usually us. We put on the breaks. We stop short of experiencing the overflowing abundance. Let this not be our reality. Today allow the words of John 15 to help lead you toward that next step.

In teaching us how to become abundantly fruitful, Jesus calls us to live in Him. What exactly does this look like? Picture two chairs pulled closely together so that two people could sit on the porch regularly having good conversation and coffee together. It’s your go-to spot with your go-to person. Imagine Jesus in one chair and you sit in the other.

Before He moves any further, Jesus makes clear just Who is driving the relationship, giving the sustenance, and is responsible for the fruit-bearing. And it’s not you. Nor is it me. Jesus succinctly declares, He is The Vine. You and I are simply the branches.

Why is this important? Because the only thing standing between yourself and a life of profound fruitfulness is, well…you. Independence is your greatest foe, period. Learning to live in Him is paramount for increasing your bloom ability.

Almost as if He knows our tendency toward waywardness and taking our coffee on the run, Jesus makes an almost-too-good-to-be-true offer (John 15:7). When Jesus proposes that we can, “ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you,” is He serious, or is this rigged? Does He simply know we can’t keep our end of abiding, so He doesn’t have to worry about the providing?

Once we rented a duplex with the promise of a $500 deposit return if you completed a cleaning list before you moved out. I wanted the $500. I was doing fine until the tasks became ridiculous. The list was so difficult there was no way anyone could complete it and get the deposit back. It was rigged.

No. Jesus is not like my landlord. Sit in the chair, sweet girl. Ask Him anything. Tell Him everything. Just sit in the chair and live in Him. And you will bloom.

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Increase Your Bloom Ability

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