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Now Streaming Week 9: The ChosenSample

Now Streaming Week 9: The Chosen

DAY 5 OF 5

Choosing to follow God results in daily lifestyle decisions. Paul told the Colossians to choose differently as a result of being chosen by God. Just like we put off dirty clothes at day's end and put on fresh clothes the next day, as followers of Jesus we are to "put to death…what is earthly" in us (Colossians 3:5, ESV) and "put on" a whole new way of living (see vv. 12-14). Personalize this by asking yourself what you need to put to death and what you need to put on in order to resemble someone who has been chosen by God.

Day 4

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Now Streaming Week 9: The Chosen

In the series Now Streaming, Skip Heitzig leverages some of the most popular shows to illuminate spiritual truths. The Chosen is the first multi-season show about the life of Jesus, and in this five-day plan, Pastor Skip...


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