[Revelation] At The Throne

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God Is On The Throne, No Matter What

Most Christians least favorite biblical book to study is Revelation. When asked why, most decide that it is too complicated to understand, too “out there,” or too stressful. However, there is an immense blessing awaiting believers in studying Revelation. This blessing goes beyond unveiling what to expect when Jesus returns and the events that follow; instead, it can touch our hearts every day. The book of Revelation offers perspective and an understanding of the throne of God, which is established forever. This is something we can reference throughout our life: God has been, is, and will be on the throne—no matter what. 

Many theologians and biblical scholars strive to interpret the timeline of Christ’s return in Revelation. There is the Age of Grace; current day, the Rapture, where believers are taken before the wrath; the Tribulation, seven years in which the antichrist reigns; the Second Coming, Christ’s return to establish His reign; the Millennium, 1,000-year reign of Christ; and then the era of New Heavens and a New Earth. Although many debate the details and propose different interpretations, they can all agree that no matter what the timeline looks like, God is on the throne. 

As believers, we can trust that even when we do not understand the future, or lack insight on what is going on in our lives now, God sits gloriously on the throne. He is in control. It is OK to feel the pressures life brings, and to not have answers. Even when it is hard for us to fathom what to do, God has the answers. From the smallest issue we may have, to the grand questions we have about Christ’s return, we must remind ourselves of Who is on the throne in heaven, and elevate Him to sit on the throne of our heart and mind. 

Prayer: Father, we thank You for Your character. We are humbled by how much we do not know, but are thankful that we can turn to an all-knowing God who has all the answers. You are trustworthy. You are, on the throne, regardless of our current situation. Thank you for providing us with Your Word that is a lamp to our path. Help us to grow in our understanding and turn to You when we need peace. In Jesus’ name, amen.