Moses, a Man of God's Power


Anointed - Moses Struggles

Step one in becoming a man of God is to know His voice. We know that the Lord is our Shepherd and His Word says that His Sheep know His voice. John 10:27 says: “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” 

Men of God absolutely know God’s voice and they obediently follow it. They can distinguish it from other voices they hear. When you are truly one of God’s, His voice is unmistakable and there is an intrinsic burning desire to follow it. 

Being a Man of God’s power is above even this. You can be a man of God and obey Him but it is another level to allow His power to freely flow through you to do His work. Someone who does this has worked through the fear, intimidation, self-centeredness, and rejection from others that can be present in this situation. They have completely dedicated their life on this earth into God’s hands without repentance. This is someone that keeps their heart pure and continues to seek after God’s purpose unapologetically. Even if there are delays, they are still determined because God continues to tug on their desires and turn their heart toward Him. When you dedicate yourself to Him, He does this.

The Bible says in Romans 11:29 “for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” One translation says they are “without repentance.” In other words, God does not take back what He creates someone to do. He puts the choice in the man’s hands as to whether he will end up accomplishing it. If he is an old man on his death bed and has not yet accomplished it, God still has not taken it from him – it is still there, just not accomplished. This is the paradox of giving man a choice during creation. Without this choice, we are robots. With it, we have a responsibility. We can choose our plan, or we can choose God’s plan. It is as simple as that.

Moses Struggles

Moses struggles with God’s plan and it does get delayed; but he ultimately obeys and accomplishes it. He was absolutely a Man of God’s power. 

Let’s explore how, and why, for a moment. How: Moses was chosen and anointed from before birth. Why: God had a plan and needed it to be carried out on the earth. 

God anoints many people – either in the womb, at birth, or at the moment of calling – to do mighty things for Him. It is up to us whether we accept the task. It may take us years – as it did for Moses – to understand or even recognize that the anointing is there or that we are tasked with something great. Just know that when God gives you something to do, He anoints you to do it, just as He did Moses!


Being a man of God’s power is one of the most difficult things you might do – especially today, where it goes against the current culture. A man of God will want to biblically teach his children the direction they should go. He will want to lead his family, to be the spiritual leader and protector that is necessary to stand against the constant barrage of the enemy. Although it seems difficult, it will also be the most rewarding cause you could ever take up. There is security in it and the rewards are great. Ask yourself will you be a man of God who wields His power?