Pray While You’re Prey Devotion, Part IV

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Quote from Pray While You’re Prey:

“I am working for God and myself, not wearing myself out for someone else. That may sound selfish, but if you’re single, this is the time for a little selfishness. You always keep God first, and He will make sure that you are not crossing the line between being a little selfish and totally self-centered. So use your “me time.”

Every artist hopes to create a masterpiece; that one original work that will no doubt make the world stand still and notice. It is a work so original that no one will dare compare it with any other because there is nothing of its kind. It stands alone and is taken just for its own beauty, its own decadence, and its own wonder. No matter the medium, every artist tries over and over again until he or she has finally made the piece of work that defines his or her talent. And an artist is fortunate if he or she has one masterpiece, but some of the greatest creative minds have more than one.

God, the ultimate Creator, has many masterpieces; too many to number. Anyone who finds his or her fulfillment in living the life that God has for him or her is one of His masterpieces. As such, as the Scripture suggests, each of us is an original. There is no comparing my life to your life. There is no time for that. There is time, however, to explore every intricate detail of ever unique quality that God has given you…especially, if you are single.

God has sewn each of us together in such a particular way that when we tap into the greatness for which He has called us, we can be an amazing asset to this world, and, more importantly, to the Kingdom of God. However, we get so caught up in what others are doing, what gifts they have, what talents they possess, or what people surround them, that we downplay how marvelous God has made us.

We must stop comparing. If we choose to live a life led by the Spirit and really work every detail of our lives according to His plan, then we have to trust that He has given us what we need in every moment of every day of our lives. We must not yield to the temptation to say that another of God’s masterpieces is greater or has it better because they have something that we desire. We must focus on our own mission, our own imprint in this world, and the impact on society that God has chosen for us. The season of singleness gives ample opportunity for this exploration.

Much like we would not compare works of Picasso to those of Beethoven because they are completely different genres, we cannot compare ourselves to another Christian, or non- Christian for that matter, and say that God made one more special than the other. God knows every one of our capabilities and vulnerabilities and He is able to use it all for His glory. He can take each of us and make a masterpiece if we will surrender and only compare ourselves to the example of Christ, and not other people.


Thank You, God, for making me an original. Thank You for having a specific plan for my life.

Please forgive me for comparing my life to the lives of others. Please forgive me for downplaying your ability to make me into a masterpiece.

Lord, please help me to focus on being the person that you need me to be.

In Jesus’ Name,