Real Hope: God the Provider

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Provision By The Lord’s Strength

Exodus 13 commences the story of the Israelite’s escape out of Egypt. After facing years of slavery and the battle of the plagues between Moses and Pharoah, finally, the people go. And as the narrative of this section of the book begins, Moses tells the people that they are to remember this moment. Not because it’s a significant event, not because they’ve finally escaped the clutches of Egypt’s king, but because Yahweh Himself has provided the escape route.

In fact, skim through Exodus 13 and notice how many times Moses states Israel’s freedom is only provided by the strength of God’s hand. This is to be remembered as a marker for many years to come. And we see that God provides a pillar of cloud and a pillar of fire to guide them both day and night (Exodus 13:21). In the coming chapters, He provides them with water, manna, and quail.

Moses urges the people of Israel to always remember God’s provision for them, and to teach that message to their children for generations to come. How quick are we to acknowledge God’s provision in our daily lives, and to tell our children about it? That by the strength of His own hand, Jesus was brought to life to provide those who trust in Him with eternal life?

May this be a challenge for us to see God’s provision for us through history, through His Son, and through our day-to-day lives. He gives us all we need and more.