"Yes He Can" Reading Plan by CAIN

Day 1 of 3 • This day’s reading


Day 1 - Yes He Can: Taylor Cain Matz

“He's come through every single time, from the beginning until the end.”

I LOVE thinking about all the incredible miracles God did in the Bible. 

He moved mountains, parted the Red Sea, and turned water into wine- not to mention He created the world from nothing AND raised dead people back to life.

Scripture is full of so many amazing stories of God's power working in people's lives.

But here’s the part that we often forget - these are more than just stories. He's STILL doing miracles today. (Matthew 17:20)

The living and active God of the Bible is the same God that we worship every Sunday in church.

He's the same God we pray to when we’re sitting in our cars.

It's the same God we can cry out to when our hearts are broken.

And when we pray to Him and read Scripture, we remember what God has done and everything He can still do. 

In the Bible, God reminds us of his power all the time. He points back and says, “Remember, I’m the God who let you out of Egypt, who saved your people and who delivered you.” (Deuteronomy 5:6)

Why do we need all the reminders? Because when we remember God's faithfulness, it naturally builds our faith.

The best way to have faith for your future is to look back and remember what God has done.

So let's do that together right now!

Will you take a minute to look back and remember with me?

Did God heal your body?

Did He wake you up this morning?

Did He provide in an impossible situation?

Did He set your family free?

Did He heal you from addiction and bondage?

Be reminded and encouraged today that God can show up ANYWHERE at any time.

In whatever circumstance you’re dealing with, remember that if He did, He can and He will!  (Romans 8:28)

Now, one more thing. 

Because we have the Holy Spirit, God can use us to meet needs and be a miracle for other people too! 

When you let God use you, you can be a blessing in someone else's life. It all starts with being in tune to His voice and what He's saying. 

If you've ever wondered if God could do a miracle through you, the answer is "Yes, He Can!" 

Will you trust Him today, friend? 

Will you let Him use you?