God Delights in You: Resting in Favor

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I Give You Favor

As you consider the topic of God’s favor upon our lives, let your imagination picture this scene. This image is what we saw in our imaginations when praying for you as we created this plan: 

There are hills, golden and rolling, and Jesus is running over them. His arms swing at His sides. He is swift, strong, as He moves, the wind rustles the tufts of grass on the hills and blows His hair. He is in His Father’s world; it is beautiful and perfect and free. He pauses and bends down, looking for something—picking up something from the ground. 

It is a small jewel, shiny and bright, glinting in the light. It is one color and all colors at once. He holds it in the palm of His hand and strings the jewel on a strong golden thread and puts it around your neck. He wants to honor you, adorn you with favor. He wants to entrust you with more gifts, more gifts for you to steward. He would not give you anything if He did not believe you were capable of stewarding everything He gives you. 

After He places the necklace (the jewel shining from the chain) around your neck, He offers you His company and the two of you walk together. He points at the great expanse of kingdoms in the distance, and the shine of other jewels far away. These jewels, radiating light of all colors, are people, all shining bright, all with favor, like yours, but different, each with a different hue. Together, collected, you are a kaleidoscope of beauty, shining like the sun.

“I give you favor, a jewel to wear around your neck. I have much to give you that comes from my love. With this gift you are guided toward completing the tasks I have set before you. I entrust you because I love you. And my love is what emboldens you to act.”

What is your first reaction to this scene—and to Jesus’ words for you? Close your eyes and imagine the scene—all the details. What *more* is God showing you?