Strength in God’s Presence

Day 1 of 6 • This day’s reading


He Will Give You Strength. He Will Show You the Way.

When we pray and listen for God’s response, we surrender our imagination to Him. Sometimes there are words He gives us. And sometimes He gives us pictures too.

Here is what we saw when we prayed for you about God’s constant presence with you in all moments, in all that you are going through right now:

The room is dark. Heavy. No light can enter. The walls are thick, closed in. You sit in a chair, hands on the armrests, immobile. Feet planted on the floor. Your gaze straight ahead. Looking but not looking. You are resolute to not see. 

The room is dark but you don’t see it. You are used to seeing in the dark. But you can’t really see. Not really. Jesus is with you in the room but you don’t know it. He walks around, checking for cracks, checking the construction of the room. He bends low, looking for something, gaps of light, perhaps. But no light enters here. He turns to you, bends low. hands first on your shoulder; and then he bends lower still, placing his hands on your feet, which are bare. Then He places your feet in a bowl of water, and He washes them, one by one. And you feel the water over your feet. And still you sit.

Now Jesus stands, turning to the wall across from you and pushes against it. The room is actually a tomb, a room of rock and stone, gray and thick and strong. And Jesus pushes against the wall of the tomb and a door gives way, an opening in the tomb. Light floods in. A world of beauty and light, and with trees and vast open space on the other side. 

But you sit. And you don’t think you can stand. So Jesus stands there with you, looking out at the door with you, staying with you. Staying as long as it takes. For He will help you to stand. He will help you to rise. He has opened the door and He will guide your steps so you can walk through the door with Him. 

He will give you strength. He will show you the way out. And He will stay with you until you decide to take the step, the attempt to rise. He is not leaving your side.

And we heard these words for you:

“I am not leaving you. I stand with you. I wait with you until you attempt to stand. And I will give you strength. I will give you what you need. In the meantime, I do not leave. Never. You’re the one I’ve come for. As long as it takes. I am not leaving without you.”

Could you picture the scenario here? What is your heart’s response?