Sexual Touch Boundaries & Scripture


What would the Bible answer modern youth who are asking the question, "Can I kiss passionately without going further, my faithful boyfriend?" What would the Bible's reply be to youth who are asking, "How far is too far when it comes to boy-girl intimacy before marriage?" Can Jesus-loving girls sing with Barbie, "You can touch my hair and touch me everywhere?" Well, that is the question! Mark Littleton wrote, “How far is too far for you?

The Bible specifically says premarital sex is wrong (Hebrews 13:4; 1 Corinthians 6:9–10; and 1 Thessalonians 4:3–5). But what about kissing and other things?” He expressed a key Google Generation Believer’s question, very well. The authors of NIV Revolution, a Bible for Teen Guys put it this way: ‘Every guy who cares about Jesus and who also has red blood pumping through his veins faces the same question: “How far is too far?”’

You know what? Jesus, a normal red-blooded young man, touched women and allowed them to touch him. In fact, about one woman he said, "from the time I entered, she has not stopped kissing my feet" (Luke 7:45). Jesus took Jairus' young daughter by the hand (Mark 5:41). Before we punch the air to exclaim, "My Master touched the opposite sex and therefore I can have a whale of a time!" do notice in what situations he touched women.

It was in public places before the eyes of the several others. There was no secrecy about it. And nothing obscene about what he was doing. Period. So those fun-games we play in the church in front of each other which involve touching the opposite sex in an appropriate way would be cool in Christ's eyes.

But we must probe this matter a little deeper. "What about touching the opposite sex, in an intimate way?" – that's probably the question that hides at the back of your mind. In Scripture we do find the answer for this burning issue. Over the next few days we will find out what the Bible says about this burning issue.