Radically Restored to Oneness With God

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Jesus came to earth to grace humanity and give us the opportunity to have a relationship with the Heavenly Father. Life without Jesus is a life that is void. This void can lead us to sinful and immoral tendencies. There will always be troubles, but as we work to mediate them through Christ we can recognize and correct our own sinful ways and strive to be one with the Lord. 

Sin is more than breaking the law and being disobedient. Sin results in the dividing of relationships and stops us from truly knowing the Father. Sin eclipses the truth of who the Father is, and as a result, we project our own brokenness onto the Father.

If sin was only a matter of legality, then to make things right God could organize a legal solution to cover humanity’s sin. While this view is addresses the fallen mind, it does not address the crux of the issue! The reality of Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection was not to fulfill some legal contract so that we might behave appropriately, giving us a ticket into some ethereal place called heaven! No, the reality of Jesus points us to the good Father. That we might know the Father through Jesus and, as a result, be free from the darkness of the fallen mind and of wrong belief.

Sinning involves attitudes and behaviors that create division in the relationship between God and us, each other, ourselves, and creation. Sin is a barrier to flourishing and whole relationships. As an enemy of God, sin destroys His perfect plan for the created order. But the activity of Jesus’ Kingdom, through the work of the Holy Spirit and the Word, is to restore everything back to the way God originally intended it to be. Our redemption and progress in transformation, to again reflect God’s image, are empowered by our return to oneness with God.