The 5-Star Entrepreneur

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An entrepreneur is someone who owns a business (or businesses) and who is willing to take a risk to exceed their past financial endeavors. Today, are you ready to become an entrepreneurial leader—to help other people get to that place in life that God has for them? If so, I’m excited to begin this study with you.

Prosperity, in my opinion, isn’t having a Rolls Royce or a mansion. Having financial freedom means being able to live your life on purpose—intentionally. Why is it that many people own big houses but can’t afford furniture? Why is it that many people have nice cars but can’t afford insurance? It’s because they live beyond their means. In The 5-Star Entrepreneur, we’ll talk about the factors that keep Christians bound and prohibit them from becoming the entrepreneurs that God has called them to be.

Which of the following men would you say has achieved prosperity: a 55-year-old man with a Rolls Royce or a 24-year-old man with a 1984 Toyota? The eyes of the world see the man with the Rolls Royce as prosperous. As a professional, I would ask both men a straightforward question: “Where is the deed to your car?” Whenever I ask this kind of question, it shows me who has the best deal. If the man with the Rolls Royce has a $200,000 debt, and the young man’s Toyota is paid off, which one is more financially secure? Without a doubt, the young man with the title in his hand is. Why? Because it’s free. 

We talk about slavery in the past tense, but many people are in slavery financially. The Bible says, “Owe no man anything” (Romans 13:8, ASV). So many of us are bound. We go to work to pay a car note, to pay a house note, or to pay off a credit card because we’ve gotten into debt. 

What would it be like if you were truly financially free? That’s what I hope the pages of this book will help you understand: what it’s like not only to be an entrepreneur but also to be a leader in entrepreneurship. I desire to help young people gain the wisdom of an older person and apply it to their lives so that they can be financially free—the way God has intended for them to be free in the church world.