Book of Jude

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Build yourself up

June 1:20

But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit. 

Building a house is not just about making a beautiful house. Appearance doesn't guarantee its survival to face strong winds and heavy rain. The most important thing in building a house or a building is the strength of its foundation. The strength of a foundation also determines how many floors a building can hold.

The same thing applies to our spiritual life. Just like a building, our spiritual strength depends on our faith-foundation. Sometimes, a lot of Christians want to experience great things in their lives. They want to be used by God in extraordinary ways, but because they have a weak foundation, they experience setbacks along the way—like a building that is about to collapse. This illustrates the importance of having a firm foundation of faith.

As believers, we build our lives on the foundation of faith in Lord Jesus so that we can defend our faith in the face of false teachings that try to turn our faith away from the Lord. There are many false teachings and false prophets who stray from the Word of God. They try to convince Christians to become their followers. Without a strong foundation many will be tempted and turn away from their faith. 

How can we have a firm foundation of faith? Pray in the Holy Spirit, live the word of God, and be active in the fellowship with other believers. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead our lives, help us, and bring us to the truth.

Let us build ourselves up every day. Come to the Lord in prayer and worship and enter into His presence because it is in the presence of God that our strength is made perfect. The devil will not be able to stand when we are in His presence. Meditate and speak the Word of God because it is our weapon in spiritual battles that make us strong.

Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. This is the foundation of a firm faith.