Fasting From Social Media

Day 5 of 5 • This day’s reading


One day while praying, I sought the Lord and requested that He search my heart for disobedience. Immediately after praying, the following scripture came to mind from the passage James 1:27, specifically, the final clause “and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” As I pondered this verse, I knew exactly what the Lord was illuminating to me. He was calling me into obscurity. Soon after, I removed all social apps from my phone. I laid prostrate in my prayer closet, weeping. Seemingly the more I wept, the more I felt open and bare before the Lord. I knew that I was running from facing the truth of my reality, but I did not feel condemned in God's presence. Instead, I felt the love, grace, and mercy of our heavenly Father. I sensed the comfort and closeness one feels during repentance and restoration. That truth of God’s Word filled me with hope. He truly is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. 

In my posture of repentance, I was being saved from my rebellion, avoidance, and the sorrow that was crushing my spirit. The more I prayed, the more other confessions came out. “Lord, I am disappointed in the way things turned out. Lord, I don’t understand. Lord, I can’t do this without You; please help me.” I acknowledged the hurt that I had suppressed while scrolling through the depths of the internet throughout the months. I must admit, after prayer, hope set in and began to take root in my heart. God was restoring my hope in the promise of an expected end. It was almost as if the Lord was conveying that He could work in my life just as He did His greatest servants. 

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that everything will work out for our good in our grief and heartache. Even if we believe for a season, Satan is constantly at work trying to make us believe his lies of hopelessness. Today, I encourage you to declare by faith that you will not allow him to have a foothold in your mind anymore. Instead, choose faith, which is the confident hope that God will deliver you. The loss that I experienced forever changed me. So did the lessons I learned while using social media as a diversion from reality.

In conclusion, the major lesson is that social media isn’t bad in itself. The problem is when we run to it when overwhelmed instead of running to the welcoming arms of Jesus Christ. Also, be aware not to exchange the time you would spend on social media excessively, consuming other forms of media such as binge-watching TV, spending hours on the phone, and scrolling the internet in other ways. We are to use temperance in all things. As believers, we are engaged in Spiritual Warfare daily. The good news is that Christ has given us all the tools we need to overcome the distractions, stumbling blocks and hindrances that try to stunt our growth.

If you are struggling in this season and can’t overcome the mental battles, I encourage you to fast from social media to seek God. If you have recently experienced life-altering circumstances like loss, divorce or a recent medical diagnosis, consider fasting from social media. God can work in this season of your life and give you the clarity you need to heal and move forward, despite your situation. 

As fasting from food serves to cleanse the body of its impurities, a fast from social media will help you return to the Lord, change your habits and redirect your impulses to healthier choices. 

Be encouraged.