Discovering the Real You

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Let the Discovery Journey Begin!

As a life coach, people often ask me for help with answering the BIG life question - What is my purpose? That is a good question, but I often argue that it’s not the most important one. We sometimes lead our lives making decisions about what we’re to do without considering WHO we are, and it usually leaves people unfulfilled in the long run. 

Did the “real” you get lost somewhere along the way?

Was it that life-altering situation that stripped you of the last bit of hope?

Was it the failed attempt at something you really believed would succeed?

Was it the safety of just picking that career to have good pay and benefits?

Somewhere underneath all the pain, disappointment, and safeguarding is you...the REAL you. The YOU who dares to dream, walk out your purpose, and glorify God through it all.

Throughout this bible plan, you’ll get a daily devotional and journal question to help you invite the Holy Spirit to peel back the layers of your life and rediscover who He’s created you to be. It’s time to get reacquainted with who YOU really are!

Journal Question:

Considering what you do day to day, would you say that you’re living a meaningful life? Why or why not?