Who Am I?


True Worshipers

John 4:23

Our study verse is from the spiritually stimulating conversation Jesus had with “the woman at the well” in Samaria. In that era especially, a person had to be of the right race (Israelite) in the right place (the temple at Jerusalem) to be a real worshiper. Besides, this unnamed woman was scorned by many, having been married five times. So for several major reasons, she must have felt very unworthy. But Jesus prophesied of a spiritual paradigm shift about to take place.

He explained the hour had come when “true worshipers” would worship the Father “in spirit and truth.” In other words, neither the physical location, nor the racial identity was going to matter anymore—but the condition of the heart.

Worshiping “in spirit”—Notice in our Scripture reference, the word “spirit” is spelled with a lowercase s. So the Holy Spirit is not being referenced, but rather, the “spirit” of a born again believer, which is regenerated at salvation. Prior to that experience, the spirit is dead because of sin and incapable of true worship. But at the moment of spiritual rebirth, God puts a “new spirit” in us, infused with the very righteousness of God, making us acceptable in His sight.

Worshiping “in truth”—There are seven aspects to this requirement:

  • Worshiping with honesty
  • Worshiping with sincerity
  • Worshiping with comprehension
  • Worshiping with correct methods
  • Worshiping by learning the truth
  • Worshiping by applying truth to our lives
  • Worshiping “in Christ”


I declare I am a true worshiper! I do not approach God in my own righteousness. I have been born again and the regenerated part of me is filled with God’s righteousness, making me acceptable in His sight. I intend to always worship God “in spirit and truth”—with all honesty and sincerity, in comprehension of His true nature, with correct biblical methods and by learning and living the truth. I also acknowledge that “in Christ” alone, I have access to the Father, so I give Him all the glory, in Jesus’s name, Amen!