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Jesus as Lord

The LORDSHIP of JESUS extends over everyone and everything.

Jesus Christ is not just a religious leader. His Lordship applies to spiritual as well as physical things. It is true for this life and the life to come. He is the LORD OF ALL.

Many people find it difficult to place some areas of their life – marriage, money, work-life, relationships, etc. – under the Lordship of Christ because they think that God is not concerned about those areas of their life. They think He is only concerned about religious things or spiritual matters. But Christ has the final say on all things and everything belongs under His Lordship. 

An incomplete Gospel

For many people, the Gospel they have been taught deals only with the FALL and REDEMPTION of Man. This ‘two-chapter’ gospel leads followers of Christ to the conclusion that salvation is nothing more than a ‘bus ticket to heaven’. What we do here on earth while we ‘wait for the "bus" doesn’t really matter to God. Interaction with God is restricted to so-called spiritual matters because God’s interest in human life is limited to our spiritual well-being. In everything else, God leaves us to get on with life as we see fit. 

This understanding of the Gospel limits the scope and quality of Man’s relationship with God. It is incomplete because it restricts God’s redemption plan to human souls, ignoring His original purpose for all of creation. 

A complete Gospel

God cannot be boxed into a religious mold. The 'four-chapter' Gospel of Jesus Christ addresses the CREATION, FALL, REDEMPTION, and RESTORATION of all things.      

  • God created everything, therefore everything is subject to His Lordship.      

  • The fall affected everything in creation, not just our souls.      

  • God came to Redeem ALL THINGS in Christ (Luke 19:10).      

  • Restoration is about all things, not only our souls.

The story laid out in Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, gives meaning and purpose to all people, everywhere. By rediscovering the four chapters of God’s redemptive biblical narrative, we can better understand our role in God’s story for creation and his ultimate plan to make all things new. (Alan Platt – CITY CHANGERS)