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“You’ve Got To See This!”


“Ada! Ada!” yelled Manny from the playground slide. “You have got to see this!”
“What is it?” Ada shouted back. “I’m in line for the swings!”
Manny waved his arms, “Just come, and you will see!”
“But... But I....”
The teacher tapped Ada on the shoulder. “You’re next, Ada. Go on.”
“Hurry,” shouted Manny, “or you’ll miss it!”
“On or off,” said the teacher. “Make your choice.”

ASK: Have you ever felt stuck between two choices? Ada wanted to see what Manny saw, but she also wanted to swing. If you were Ada, what would you have done?

SAY: Every day, Jesus wants us to come and see what he is doing. He wants to show us something right away, even if it means stopping what we are doing. But don’t you worry. When Jesus shouts, “Come and see!” it’s always for something you do not want to miss!

PRAY: Dear Jesus, when you call my name, I want to come. Help me to choose you so I can see. Amen.

“I’m coming, Manny!” When Ada arrived, Manny pointed to the tiniest baby lizard she’d ever seen.
“I know they’re your favorite,” said Manny.
“Wow!" shrieked Ada. “This is way better than swinging!”