8 Ways to Love God More Than Money

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1. Pray

Pray without ceasing. I have heard this verse all my life, but often wondered how to actually do that? I believe God wants to commune with us like a friend at our side all day long. As a friend, He wants to be included in all of our daily financial matters from what and how we earn, spend and save to what we give. Talk with God about your finances and let God talk to you. Christian faith in the financial realm isn’t only for when things go wrong. Talk with Him about all of it! 

Conversing with God like this will not only take you to a new level with Him, but it will help you keep your eyes on Jesus. As our eyes stay on Him “...the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.”

2. Serve Others

When I am loving others, whether volunteering for my church, making lunch for my kids, or throwing a birthday party for a friend, it is hard for me to focus on what I am craving. Taking the attention off myself and putting it toward someone else snaps me right out of striving and pity parties.

Serving people is an act of love. Loving people is what God values. When we serve, we put our effort and attention into what makes God happy rather than striving for things we think will make us happy. 

We allow Him the space to take care of the earthly things - like the details of our financial situation - and that’s when we get to see what He can really do!

3. Be a Giver

The regular practice of financial giving tells our flesh no, and tells God yes. It is the quickest way I can think of to kill the love of money.

Think about it, God is the ultimate giver having given His only Son. The more we develop a giver’s heart, the more we become like God and demonstrate our love for him.

Over time, our affections for God are strengthened and our ties to money and material things are weakened.