Taking God Seriously

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Being in a covenant relationship with God means taking Him seriously.

Have you ever stopped to think of the power that is contained in your car? Without going into the minutia of physics, let me give a fairly simple example. Someone has found that if you crash your car while driving at 65 miles per hour, it is the same force as if you drove your car off a twelve-story building.

Now, if you were actually driving our car on top of a twelve-story building, you would be extremely careful. Yet because we are used to driving at 65 miles per hour, many of us don’t consider how dangerous it could be. If you take your attention off the road, it could be “game over.”

There are boundaries around the use of a high-powered vehicle. We take driving seriously.

Yet many have no clue how to do the same with God. They want the benefits of God without the boundaries that are created by a proper fear and awe. They treat God like the cop they see in the rearview mirror. He affects what you do when He’s in visible proximity—perhaps in church or a small-group setting. But get outside of cultural Christianity, and the foot presses hard on the accelerator once again.

What happens when we don’t take God seriously?

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