Where Is Jesus When I’m Brokenhearted?

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Let Me Mend Your Heart

"You are not motherless. You are not fatherless. I do more than stand in the gap of what has failed you. I take your pain, and I feel it too. I can bear all your sorrow. I can take all your anger.

Give it to Me. Over and over again. Give it to Me. You are not forgotten. You are not loved less because bad things have happened to you. I love you with My whole heart, My whole life. I give you everything. And I am so sorry for the way you have been hurt, disappointed, cheated, left alone. Let Me mend your heart.

Let Me carry it. For it is too heavy for you to carry on your own. You are not lacking. You are not worth less than anyone else. You are not less important or less valued. Let Me come to you in the night and in the pain and in the loss. Let Me come to you in the shadows, and let the light shine on your face. Let Me show you my Father’s face. He will father you. He will mother you. He will put upon you a robe of honor, of love, of righteousness. For you are heir with Me. All my Father gives Me, I give to you. You belong here. You belong here. You belong with Me.”

Jesus bends low, crouched, His knees close to the ground, and wipes away tears on your face. He then helps you to stand, supporting you, His arm around your shoulder, taking your weight upon His. He does this so He can place a robe upon your shoulders--a robe of righteousness for you, the child of the King.

What do you hear Jesus speaking to you now? What do these words mean to you?