Fatherhood (Part 1)

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The golden rules that were learned by Penney from his father

As a child, J.C Penney started his first business by raising pigs on his father's farm. The neighbors offered him leftovers from their kitchen for the pig to feed. When Penney sold his first pig and made a profit, he bought more pigs and made more profits. But then his father taught the son a golden rule that would guide Penney for the rest of his life.

The neighbors started complaining about the smell and noise coming from his farm. 

Mr. Penney ordered his son to sell the pigs. Penney was surprised. He argued with his father by saying that all pigs are smelly and noisy. After all, the neighbors had no business telling them what to do.

Mr. Penney listened to his son's words and then said, "You have no right to earn money if by doing so you are harming other people."

J.C. Penney sold the pigs with great regret. But his godly father had taught him a lesson that day, the most important thing he had ever learned.

A father is worth more than 100 school principals.

(George Herbert)

Leviticus 25:17 

"Therefore you shall not oppress one another, 

but you shall fear your God; for I am the Lord your God.”


A father is the head of the family for his wife and children. Fathers have a big role to instill discipline and shape the character of their children. Let's pray that the Holy Spirit will anoint every father with a priestly anointing.