When Life Gets Hard

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It would be great if once you decided to trust Jesus, you’d have an easy life, but unfortunately, that isn’t true. We live in a broken world full of sin, and because of that, bad things will happen to all of us. We will all have to deal with loss, pain, sickness, and failure. That is kind of depressing, but Jesus gives us a great reminder in John 16:33. He wants us to know that he had victory over sin and that those of us who trust in him will get to experience his peace regardless of the difficult times we are facing. God’s peace is something that every one of us can experience. We have to choose to turn to Him and believe that Jesus is the savior of the world. What difficult struggle are you facing right now, and what is holding you back from giving that situation over to God? 

Challenge: Write down some of the difficulties you are currently facing and how you feel about them. Be completely honest with God. After you write it down, take some time to pray and ask God to give you his peace in your situation. Then rip up what you wrote and throw it away to symbolize that you trust God with your situation, and you don’t have to keep stressing about it anymore. You can trust God because he has overcome the problems in this world.