Legacy of Leaders

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In Genesis 3, we are told of Adam and Eve’s choice in the Garden of Eden to disobey God. Just three chapters later, as mankind is populating the earth, we see God the Father surveying the epidemic and systemic state of rebellion. Yet in His character as Creator, God began to unveil a solution, one that also reflected His heart as Redeemer. While He looked at the world and witnessed only evil, God saw in Noah a deep childlike faith and trust in Him.

Many historic accounts in the Bible came to a crossroads with a three-letter word that changed everything: but. In Genesis 6:8, we find another example: “But Noah found favor with the LORD.” He was different and separate because of his decision to trust God at all costs. This one man’s life was a reflection of the Father’s goodness and lovingkindness, allowing Him to find in Noah the very reason He created people—relationship, fellowship, and partnership with Him.

Because we can read the entire Bible, we must remind ourselves that Noah had no knowledge of the Gospel. No prophecy had yet been given about a coming Messiah. His obedience stemmed simply from his belief that placing faith in the Creator was the right thing to do and the best life to lead.

But as we have seen throughout history, the decision to follow God often comes into direct conflict with those who oppose God and His ways. A lifestyle that honors the Lord in a worldly culture often draws judgment and condemnation. Yet this very dynamic in Noah allowed for God’s divine protection and provision for him and his family. 

God honored those Noah loved because of Noah's spiritual authority over his household. The Lord declared His covenant was with Noah, his wife, his sons, and their wives as the second generation was chosen to repopulate the earth.

We are inspired throughout Scripture by those who have stood alone, no matter the difficulty of their circumstances, to experience God’s amazing favor and blessing by the full surrender of their lives. Because of a relationship with Jesus Christ, you also have the unique opportunity to join these biblical pillars as you choose obedience to God over the culture.

Is there a place in your life today that you know God is calling you to surrender fully to Him?