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We all need God's coverage. Coverage means having his favor and protection, his direction in every situation, and the certainty that everything that happens in our lives will work for our good. All the benefits of the Kingdom of God are for those who are under the King's coverage, to those who seek first his kingdom and his justice. In this plan you'll learn about five areas that will allow you to experience God's coverage, blessing, and favor at another level in your life, inspired by the song COVER US by Steve Cordon. 


Worship is something that people often associate with music, or with a specific experience that usually occurs in the context of a church. However, worship is not about religion, but a relationship. It is not only a group activity but a personal experience.

Worship is directly related to our identity as children of God; it is a culture and a lifestyle. Worship is the disposition of our heart to want to please and honor God with everything we do, everything we think, and everything we are, while living in constant gratitude. That is true worship.

In John 4:23-24 we see that Jesus tells a Samaritan woman that the Father seeks worshipers who will worship him in spirit and in truth. This gives us an understanding that there may be many who say that they are "worshiping", but God is looking for those who truly worship him, and those who truly worship him are the ones who have decided to surrender their lives and all that they are to God.

Although we are not perfect and we can make mistakes, only the disposition of the heart to truly want to please God is enough for Him to do His work in us. As a result, we will be able to worship Him in spirit and truth.

Let's pray together:

Lord, I want to honor you. I want to worship you in spirit and truth. I want to be connected with you, to listen to your voice, and follow your direction at all times. I don't want to do things my way. I want to do what pleases you for the love of your name. You deserve all the best of me. I want to surrender to you and live a life that pleases you and makes you smile. I ask you to help me. In the name of Jesus, amen.