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Milestone, Moments and MiraclesSample

Milestone, Moments and Miracles

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The Bible is full of moments of celebration – moments that God very intentionally commanded His people to observe. God pretty much tells us we MUST celebrate - hey church, it’s time to party! 

The Hebrew word for “celebrate” is hagag, which means to prepare, keep, or observe a feast or festival.

In Leviticus 23, God told Moses to appoint times of celebration for the people of Israel. These included Sabbath, Passover, Feast of the First Fruits, Feast of Weeks, Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles, and more! 

The first celebration recorded was the Passover, which came during a time of great loss and suffering. Similarly, the past year has been a year filled with loss, anxiety, and suffering for so many, yet God reminds us that we celebrate in the midst of the season as we come back to the true meaning of celebration which is to observe, honour, acknowledge, step out, memorialise, remember and to mark.

Even Jesus liked a good celebration! He celebrated festivals like the Feast of Tabernacles (John 7) and Passover where He instituted a new covenant of celebration through the breaking of bread. Celebration is no doubt a very important element of Christianity. 

Why do we celebrate? 

It’s an act of worship. To celebrate is not just having fun and eating cake although that is an enjoyable part - it’s about going back to the true meaning of celebration; giving majestic praise to the Lord and remembering what He has done for us. Psalm 103:2 encourages us to "forget not all His benefits". When we celebrate, we remember the goodness, the provision, the mercy, and the power of God.

It’s a moment to rest. It’s biblical to take a break (Exodus 20:8). It reminds us that we are not self-sufficient. When you take time off you acknowledge it is God’s job to take care of you. Have you considered that perhaps you don’t stop to celebrate and rest because you don’t really trust that God will take care of you? Ouch. 

It brings joy. The joy of the Lord is our strength (Nehemiah 8:10). Celebrating is marked by dancing, worship, food, friends, and family. These things warm our hearts and bring joy into our lives, which in turn strengthens us. When we celebrate we stop to enjoy God; it delights Him and benefits us. 

It brings hope. While we prepare our feast and enjoy our time with family and friends, we also realise that God has so much more for us. This is not the final celebration. One day there will be a marriage feast, and it is going to be the greatest party of all time!

Reflection: As you embark on a journey of celebration, ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand the power of celebration. Why not take a moment today to celebrate God for who He is and as you do, watch as your joy is restored, your strength is renewed and your hope is revived.

Prayer: Jesus, I recognise how important it is for me to celebrate the moments, miracles, and milestones in my life. Even when things don’t make sense I choose to set aside time to observe, honour and acknowledge who You are and what You’ve done for me. Restore my joy, my strength, and my hope as I worship You. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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About this Plan

Milestone, Moments and Miracles

How good are you at celebrating what God is doing in your life? Join us as we discover the power of pausing to praise God for His faithfulness in our lives.

We would like to thank Hillsong South Africa for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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