Walk to Freedom – Living a Lust Free Lifestyle


Willingness Matters

It is absolutely possible to walk in freedom from lust. The battle to overcome lust will make you stronger and more capable of helping other men find freedom. I invite you to join me as we walk in freedom and spend the next 10 days proclaiming our freedom from lust. 

You must understand and believe that lust is an enemy and is on the “other team”. Lust is 100 percent willing to destroy you, get you to waste your life, cause you to not reach your destiny, or create the consequences of sin in your life. In other words, lust is committed to your complete destruction, and the potential to lust lives within everyone.

Imagine lust is a linebacker. Once the ball is snapped, he is committed to move you. The snap has already been released, and all of hell is committed to get you to lust and stay lusting so you are destroyed. They can’t get you to lust. That’s your choice. Once you make that choice, if you continue, hell knows the outcome. 

Honestly, ask yourself what percentage are you willing to commit to a lust-free life. Willingness matters. If you are not fully committed, you will continue to struggle with little compromises and little secrets. 

Just look behind you. The lust you have agreed with, considered, and participated in is still there. Behind the choice to lust, you had two options: lust or not. Think like God or think like an earthly man. You have probably had moments of both, and you realize that willingness played an important role in the choice you made.

Walk to Freedom

1. How will you know how willing you are to be lust-free?

2. Can your willingness to be lust-free be measured in your behaviors?  

3. If yes, what behaviors can you begin to measure in your life that will indicate to you how willing you are to be lust-free?