Holy Spirit's Answer for Deep Wounds & Hard Hearts

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All Good is What Begins Again in Me

"Trouble does not begin with you. Even though that is what you were taught to believe. You are not broken in a way that cannot be fixed. And there is no need to hurry to fix what you cannot. I do the fixing. I do the healing. I do the mending. I do the repair work in you—and in your life, and in all that you see and hear and feel. All that is meant to be healed, I heal. All that is meant to be restored, I restore. Everything I create, I make new again. If it is chosen. If new life is desired more than death. For all—each part of creation—can have that (death) too.

It is okay that problems in your life are too big for you to figure out. What I have for you to do is this: Let me break open in you the hard places, the places unused to my touch. Let me break open the hurt places, the places you have long ignored. Let me break you open and create a fire of hope in you that will not burn out. You don’t have to start the fire on your own. I start it. I make it burn. I create new life from what is destroyed in the flames. What lasts is meant to last. What is meant for evil I make good. I burn away what is not good. If you want me to. 

When you let me do this, new life begins in you. And with this new life, you see differently. You see what I see. You hear what I hear. You want what I want: For love to go before you and sustain you. For love to fill you and overflow from you. For love to equip you to make tough decisions. For love to give you courage. For love to create in you perseverance and resilience, so that you can love the people in your life who are difficult to love. For love to create in you compassion for yourself and discernment for what is false, so you can turn away from it and desire what I’ve given you for good.

I am good. What I have for you is good. I make you good. All good is what begins again in me.”

What part of this message are you taking to God, asking Him for clarification, for deeper understanding? What questions do you have for Him now?